Thursday, May 9, 2013


when i was small, my mom would always tell me how much she digs my cheekbones. when i was small, i didn't know what cheek bones were or why i would dig them too, and i didn't really get why bones were so imperative beyond halloween and those strange glow in the dark skeletons we would hang in the windows of our house.

bones are strange. i mean, multiple things and parts that become symbolic and such, but mostly, bones are strange because women dig bones. it's true. they do. i remember when i was nineteen and i was wearing these terrible jeans that hung too low and this girl went wild over my hip bones. she was rail thin, but she had zero hip bones, and i think it's because she didn't possess hips. all these bones are their to hold things up, keep parts in place, if there is nothing to place then the parts are void.

when i go older, maybe twenty-four, the world went wild over the collar bone. all the pretty girls had this long, solid collar bones, and i was one of those girls. but collar bones are creepy. they only remind me of anatomy class. that giant hanging skeleton with the dense-heavy bones. all that mass and nothing to support. seems like a waste of the world, a waste of the focal. 

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