Thursday, May 9, 2013

geek shriek

writing a blog post about writing seems less chic than just writing and winning big things, so i haven't been writing on here so much because i have been doing a tremendous bit of creative and nonfiction writing. i won a partial fellowship and am going to kenya in december for a writing conference. i have things out there, out in the world, but they're just hooks and bear traps at this point. most of what i am working on is going on in my skull. the thing is, now that i've put the creative work on hold so i can focus on literary essays, the research has thrown me down the rabbit hole and i keep finding more and more things that i want to know about, which is not too terrible, but it totally puts off getting back to the creative work. i would also like to take a stab at some innovative essays that i could submit to fashion mags. now that i am only working one of three jobs this summer, and have an awesome but of time to do these things, these things are exactly what i'm doing. and i'm stoked. this summer is going to be awesome.

oh, also, my list of "five people i want to have dinner with" is changing. here is the current roster:
one. edgar allen poe
two. flannery o'connor
three. tennessee williams
four. marie antoinette
five. elvis presley

it's true. the southern gothic is taking over my soul.

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