Saturday, January 25, 2014

picnic and hike at Upper Tampa Bay Park

today, while most people were in downtown Tampa at the Gasparilla parade, drinking in the streets and partaking in the debauchery of the pirates taking over the city, Tim and I went to Upper Tampa Bay Park for a picnic and hike because let's face it: alcohol and wandering the streets aimlessly is no fun for a woman that is thirty-five weeks pregnant.

and oh, am I pregnant. mostly, I really work at staying upbeat about pregnancy. and as of tomorrow, I only have five weeks left (that's only thirty-five days) that I have to continue on the downswing. and the downswing is really, really difficult. there is an entirely different kind of strength that a woman has to find to keep her bearing about things, but maybe it's just me.

and it could be. before I got pregnant, I had abs and strength for days, and now, I cannot even sit up on my own. and another thing:

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