Wednesday, December 1, 2010

december photolog (or wear it like you mean it experiment)

it is cold outside &every plant &little flower in the yard is cloaked in coarse white sheets to keep them warm. the world could look like this snow covered thing, through rose sunglasses or through that gauzy sheet. it seems that i only collect ghost things and still being young with such a thin skin, i feel today, especially today, between ballet and books and studying french, that my world is only going to grow as this looming and labyrinthine castle, stuffed with ghosts and white light, shrouded in gauzy cotton and flowers that blow to pieces, always, and with such urgency, that anything under the earth can feel the shift of gravity on its separate parts. since most of my winter clothes are somewhere in a little room surrounded by snow and heavy trees, like all things we fashion of the heart and for the function of facing the world, i have had to become slightly more creative than usual with the face i make to meet the day. despite the cold and despite any heavy weight we feel for the end of the year, the world will always be this light and beautiful thing. fashion is just the translation of that, like all things we form to connect to one another, fashion is just as much a part of the story as love and rooms and the cities we construct and move though to find each other. so i decided to do a daily december fashion photolog of the things i have here, while i wait for the parts i only dream about.

december i:

december ii:

december iii:

december iv:

december v:

december vi:

december vii:

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