Monday, February 28, 2011

born to run dress / 92.

 anyone that knows me even close to remotely knows that i have an almost completely absurd love for bruce springsteen. i have all his albums

and nothing, and i mean no song in the world, makes me feel like  "dancing in the dark" makes me feel. it is one of those anthems. one of those songs you think that if you were born sooner than later than that song would have been about you. for sure. and seriously, springsteen is a mega american. annie leibovitz with the flag and the booty in blue jeans had it all right for his born in the usa cover. so here is a moment for young springsteen, if only time were not the elephant in the room..
back to the dress. my mom said it would be impossible for me to make a dress out of less than a yard of fabric. especially a fabric where the lines are terribly important. each sleeve is actually in three parts and the top of the dress is like a baseball ringer tee, which also take little fabric. and i am little and the dress is short. so i win vs. mom. at least when it came to this. and you know who else has a lot of can do spirit? the boss. for sure. so what is more american than springsteen and flannel? exactly.

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