Monday, February 28, 2011

mermaid dress / 175.

 the design i currently most enjoy making is the corset. i like how diligent and straight everything has to be-- the lines the seaming the layering the boning-- all the effort that goes on for the guts, those parts that are never seen and how it all matters so much. how it matters even more than the beauty of the fabric. if it does not fit you cannot wear it. when danielle and i

were in Miami, not only did we have the most bizarre trip (including too much saki, thick texas girls in matching fluorescent pink g strings and hustling boys with black eyes that say rock in roll to often-- it was such a less than zero kinda trip out) there was all that famous art deco architecture

all that elegance glamour and modernity. form and function. color and balance. when i went home i could not get any of it at all out of my head. i wanted something with the same vibrant quality but still more absurd and a comedy-- like most clothes i make.

mint green, easy and the black cotton with white diamond patterns just as easy. but i made a three layer tulle tutu for underneath and cut the left side of the outer skirt up so the tutu is part of the hem.

which is ridiculous but i love this dress. though i never wear it on any dates, it does make its appearance when i go out dancing with the kicks. and i am obsessed with tutus (apparently) which may be because i love ballet and the dancer's form, but mostly because i like things super short. and girls are flowers. it's true. baudelaire knew that too.

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