Monday, February 28, 2011

gold record blouse / 80.

this sheer top was made with the coolest vintage fabric i found in my mom's back stock, and i used every scrap i could find. it looks like chain mail, but it is super light and soft. this lace is vintage too and pretty much my favorite part of the blouse (i have one 10 inch scrap left and i swear the time will come where it will be ideal for something. when i was working on this top, i think i made at least seven different blouses that were spin offs of one another (all in different fabrics, styles, etc.) but this is one of the only ones i didn't hack apart again and make into something else.

originally i made a gold tank to go underneath the blouse, and though beautifully constructed, for the first time in history my breasts were too big for something. the little camisole had no stretch and appeared as if it was built for a 6 year old. ce la vie. i dig the whole jane birkin look anyway.
"it was you as a couple that was important. and the attitude you have with fashion, the way of life you have that people want to have too, this is something a designer cannot replicate. it's only a woman who can create this-- a woman who is free."

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