Monday, February 28, 2011

lilac mini / 92.

i guess it is sort of rotten and may be slightly less than functional that i like see-through clothes so much. and if it isn't see-through it is a micro mini and, worst case, it is both. and this dress is both (more often than not it's both, what can i say) and aside from the denim biker vest i just finished, i wear this dress more than anything else i have made.

i like how it looks like a tacky easter egg. i like the old pink belt and the pink pearl buttons. how it fits just right and its so skeezy but it has this look of business. like, at least, however partially, you can take this dress seriously. and then wear tights with it and it almost looks classy.
which means it is awesome. if you went on a blind date to a fancy steakhouse and the dude was a super rat, you could leave stone cold and run off to a strip club and look just as cool there. not that i often go to steakhouses (the only meat i eat is sushi) or strip clubs (like i said).

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