Monday, February 28, 2011

it's bats glam mini / 120.

it's bats glam mini / 120.

this dress wins favorite. i had this whole glammed out david bowie mega idea-- 

sheer and short and bright and absurdly ridiculous (the sleeves are in the shape of bat wings-- super wide at the at the shoulders and then severely tapers to the wrist)

but i also wanted it to have this whole late 60s mod meets punk glamour doll look that edie sedgwick

was the absolute bunny for. (the dress is uber mini with a cute kick pleat the waist is cinched in so it keeps its silhouette and the back of the neck clasps with a hook and eye and forms a deep tear drop). it looks killer with black tights, which sedgwick popularized because she wore tees and super minis with tights non stop.

it is not only short and sheer, but in just considering the construction of the pattern, everything was so spot on aces. often with clothes i make, i not only have to alter the shape of the garment as i go along, but if something in the pattern doesn't translate i have to adjust the idea (this is because i am still very much a novice). the only thing i changed during the construction was adding a super cool hidden waist band (which was only thought of afterward to pull it in and take some length off).

so here's to the up and up. keeping it loose and being cool. and living fast and dying with a beautiful corpse. and like edie said,"i had fun, but i didn't really have anyone i particularly loved except loving friends. but i have a certain amount of faith that it will come."

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