Tuesday, March 1, 2011

one-hundred days from today..

 is my birthday! &i was born on a wednesday and it's on a wednesday this year too! &this is my ultimate one-hundred days til my birthday wish list:

one: a new bike! so i dont always have to ride that heavy utility bike around, which is especially a rotten pain in big dumb crowds of people who consider themselves runners and stand in bud light beer lines wearing elastic shorts, per last saturday downtown.

two: these giuseppe zanotti for balmain red boots. which pretty much go with everything i will ever wear for the rest of my life.

three: i want my mom to make me a blueberry pie for my birthday this year instead of a polynesian wedding cake. i shoulda been born a bear. honey berries hibernation salmon. rockin good.

four: a leica. this is pretty much on every list i will ever make for the rest of my life. i just want a camera that does not disappoint.

five: her hair. and pretty much all the twenty plus hairstyles i have mapped while my hair grows down my back.

six: hawaii. or my own boat to get to hawaii and live there forever and ever and ever.

seven: and my friends. around and in town! <3

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